Mini Milky Way
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I build miniatures and shoot them with real milky way to create realistic scenes. What it says on the tin. And now I need to have a new miniature model building hobby. Dang it.
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Those are beautiful, but I read the title as real Milky Way (the candy bar), and wondered how that would look.
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Well, I love this!
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So not candy coated miniatures then? ::sigh::
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Nice post. Fantastic pictures. I'm thoroughly jealous.
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LOL also thought candy bar. But neat. :D
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Skyrim is REAL! Skyrim is REAL!
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Some of those photos are quite great. I especially like the one with the ship. Also, the ones showing how they're set up are unexpectedly good, mostly because it is really interesting to see what you're really looking at.
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These are so beautiful! And I love that the article is passing on his knowledge as well as showing behind-the-scenes photos.
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Amazing photos. Kinda sad that the photos weren't shown first, then the "behind the scenes" info revealed afterwards...
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What the night sky should look like.
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