Iglooghost: Kinda like when a kid's cartoon hits you with something deep
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Iglooghost is Seamus Malliagh, an English artist who makes noises (Bandcamp) & pictures (Instagram, Tumblr) & creatures (YouTube) & tiny gods (interview with The Fader). He's signed to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label, so his defiance of genres is to be expected (Pop Matters interview), "[splicing] divergent and disparate sounds together [...] From grime and garage to Japanese ambient techno, from rave to dancehall, [...] [showcasing] his eclectic tastes as well as his talent for layering intricate sounds and textures."

He released his latest album, XYZ (Bandcamp), under the name Gloo, as a collaboration with Kai Whiston and BABii (Bandcamp x2), and Paper Magazine says you'd need a whole new vocabulary to describe [this] music.
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This is dope. Thanks flt.
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Really, really looking forward to listening to this at high volume. Thanks flt.
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More interviews:
- Contact Music*, where he talks about being inspired by Odd Future when he was first making music, trading OF-style beats for unreleased OF beats; and how some of his released tracks were inspired by specific Pokémon;

- Speaking of Pokémon, in his interview with The Fader, Malliagh talks about making two EPs (Steel Mogu and Clear Tamei) was inspired by the original Pokémon Red and Blue Versions, after talking about who Mogu and Tamei are (the same character, from different points in their history).

- Finally, UH HEY I'M IGLOOGHOST, A YUNG BRAINFEEDER BOY. AMA! on r/indieheads, which is pretty (suitably) weird.

More music: Iglooghost's Noisey Mix via Vice, with a mix of Italian ambient music, jittery rap remixes, and unreleased fire from fellow futurists.

* Contact Music interview is also the source of the post title. Full quote:
I'm really into trying to divine more potent and serious emotions from sounds/imagery you would really associate them with. Kinda like when a kid's cartoon hits you with some unexpectedly deep shit. I think there's power in that.
I love internet-age music :)
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Did Blood Dripping Down From My Angel Wings get covered on the blue?

Similar how-dare-these-kids-show-such-expert-respect-for-their-elders feelings for those tunes as well!
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