The Real Paleontologists of Orange County
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Welcome to the Cooper Channel, archival YouTube home of the John D. Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Center! Let's hearken back to the glorious yesteryear of 2012-2014, when Cal State Fullerton and OC Parks were partners and made videos about science. Here you can guess the Friday Fossil Mystery, learn about archaeological artifacts, meet some scientists and watch them work, view archaeology and paleontology lectures*, and even delve into the mysterious flavors of a monkey chow pellet.

The partnership ended in 2018 when Orange County decided not to renew CSUF’s contract. Sadly, it appears the Cooper Center’s collections, some 6 million archaeological artifacts and fossils, are currently warehoused and not on display to the public.

*Some lectures have better lighting and sound than others.
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Where is Ross when I need his expert opinion on these articles?
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Where is Ross when I need his expert opinion on these articles?

(mutters beneath breath) Fucking vertebrate palaeontologists
(mutters beneath breath) Fucking glory hunters
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