Pornographers jack domain name from Florida sheriff.
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Pornographers jack domain name from Florida sheriff. Aycock said the Sheriff's Office had owned the domain name since 1995, and that its registration is current. "When I was told about this, I thought they were kidding," he said. "We dug out a receipt and we're paid up through November. When we find out who's responsible for this we're going to go after them. I am not very happy that this has happened."

The Sheriff may discover that precious few laws protect him and that prosecuting a Canadian company could be tricky. Link from Delaware Law Office.
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You said "pornographers jack". Dude, that's funny.

Honestly, I hope he gets his domain name back and sets a legal precedent in so doing. But I'm not holding my breath.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:56 PM on July 9, 2002

UPDATE: no longer contains porn. Try it and see.

Crash, the jokes just write themselves. I share your hope on legal precedent.
posted by mikewas at 3:00 PM on July 9, 2002

The address (url) you requested may be now own by Domain Qwest

Make your time!
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OT: southern sheriff sites tend to be a hoot. sheriff don w. farley of rockingham county, va is understandably proud of his county's award winning site where one can browse the latest suspicious prowler and mailbox vandalism statistics and in an emergency you can log on and get the number for 911. But he's got a 'fur piece ta go' before he catches ole sheriff mike oglesby of polk county, ak who not only has a first class hosting solution in geocities, he's got a 'dust in the wind' midi! in fact, he's got a jammin' midi on every page! and his awards are prettier! site design by experts! just "click on the bloody beer can to access the DWI page!"
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Does everyone remember Ultimate Search, the Hong Kong company that ripped off MeFi associates' domains back in spring? Lots of us agreed to write about it in our blogs to humiliate them in the search engines. I joined in the slam, but when my Mom died soon after, I stopped updating my blog (until next weekend), and since then the hits have been piling up, and now I'm right up near the top in the Google search result for "ultimatesearch" (one word). I'm getting about one hit per day from people searching "ultimatesearch" on google. Guess I'll be their next target.
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