Britain’s Most Loved Mammal (European hedgehog)
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I went to the gym the other day, and one of the employees there had brought in her pet hedgehog. Not only that, but she was letting members hold her hedgehog! I never imagined that hedgehogs would just let strangers cuddle them and not get all super-prickly or whatever. I didn't have time to stick around and experience the majesty of it, but I just wanted to let you all know that hedgehogs in person are great, and don't pass up the opportunity to meet one.
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They were a traditional childhood pet in Scotland when my parents were kids there, invariably named "Hamish". Not sure how close that was to reality as opposed to the sort of thing that was in kids books, but it was a commonplace.
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who amongst us has not wished to live in a tiny cottage in the lake district
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It's Spiny Norman and he's wandering the streets of London looking for Dinsdale!
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Came for the MP reference, left satisfied!
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Hedgehogs: Why can't they just share the hedge?
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Hedge Piggys!!
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British Hedgehogs are having a terrible time of it these days. But there are things that one can do to help. Holes in fences and walls is super important to helping the UK maintain even the fraction of the hedgehog population it had a half-century ago.
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Got really worried at the (hopefully) unconscious Hedgehog but like to think the last picture is them back in the leaves living a healthy hedgey life.

I live right next to a huge park in a very leafy area of the UK and I've not seen a hedgehog since I was about 10, which is sad. I keep seeing rarer and rarer animals since I've lived in this area - foxes, nuthatches, chaffinches, even a kingfisher- but no hedgehogs. They're on my list of animals to see in the wild here along with badgers but I doubt I'll see the latter near here at the best of times.
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My cats found a hedgehog in our back garden a few weeks ago. I saw them staring at it in a baffled way, the 'let me play with this OUCH!' part having presumably occurred a few minutes before. It unrolled and wandered insouciantly off, and the cats decided it had never happened.
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I may have bad news for you, Chaffinch. According to my brother, since he moved to Somerset a couple of years ago, he has seen plenty of local wildlife including badgers and foxes, but no hedgehogs, and this is because the badgers eat the hedgehogs. Mind you, he said this as part of a rant about the need for badger culling, so it may not be entirely reliable.
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What lovely categories. So British!
-Coast and marine England
-Coast and marine Northern Ireland and coast of Ireland category
-Coast and marine Wales category (Ironically, not a whale)
-Hidden Britain category
-Habitat category
-British seasons category

Much better than 'Best photo'
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