Animal Avengers
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A group of veterinarians, a dental surgeon and a designer had just formed a group called the “Animal Avengers” that help animals who have been struck by tragedy. Freddy the Tortoise was their first patient.

"When it comes to animals who are vulnerable in a forest fire, tortoises probably aren’t the first animals that come to mind. That’s ok because I didn’t think about them either, but apparently they are among the many victims of a fire in Brazil. One of the turtles who was injured in the brush fires was in desperate need of medical attention. Freddy was badly burned, and his shell was actually destroyed from the fire. Turtles depend on their shells, so Freddy not having his was a big problem."
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That is really cool, but I wonder what happens when Freddy grows and his shell doesn't. I mean I don't want people to forgo helping, I love that we as humans, ever so occasionally, use our powers for good. I just hope there's a plan in place for Freddy's future.
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He lives with a vet, he'll be fine!
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I'm glad that Freddy got a new shell.
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What a cool story!
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