G'day, Chris here
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Clickspring Chris (previously) is back at it, this time with a playing card press [YouTube].
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I'm watching this now, and I had to pause it to comment on the engraving of the base (?). I've seen a good bit of his videos before, and other metalworking/machining videos besides. Seeing him draw more and more detail started to feel more and more over-the-top, and I felt a tinge of relief when I saw the design get transferred to the transparency. "Oh, maybe he's going to etch this. Yeah, let's let light and acid do the work. OH NO CHRIS WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?"
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I mean, the result of that engraving looks amazing, and etching wouldn't work nearly as well. Just, ugh. The work involved.
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So you press the cards, what kind of juice comes out?
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I'm torn between "that's amazing" and "you could just use a brick".
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It always seems like a lot of work when he squares holes by hand. Surely there must be a better way.
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So you press the cards, what kind of juice comes out?

Cardonnay, obvs
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I see he's using the top secret metalworking techniques of This Old Tony
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This is just what I needed this week. Thank you, Chris. You give me hope for this world.
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That was a beautiful pile of work and I really didn't know where the hell it was going so I'm kind of relieved to see it wasn't going anywhere in particular; the "card press" concept is entirely foreign to me and I wouldn't have guessed this was a path toward holding a deck of cards in one place! But the construction was wonderful and makes me want to revisit the idea of trying document some bits of stained glass process even an order of magnitude less well than that.

Oh, maybe he's going to etch this

I had the exact same arc of "oh no what are you do—oh, well, that seems less bad, probably gonna—oh NO".

Cardonnay, obvs

No, no, it's Pinot War.
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"Cardonnay, obvs"

No, no, it's Pinot War.

Picardan or espadeiro, surely.
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See also Chris Ramsay's video about the card press. He explains what card presses are for right at the beginning, around 0:18.
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Not knowing the end result and being a denizen of the internet I spent many mesmerized minutes thinking "... Okay not a buttplug..."

My visual/spatial reasoning priors should not detract from the beauty of the work.
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I see he's using the top secret metalworking techniques of This Old Tony

And this Old Tony gets all of his secret magic from Abom76, who is actually three humorless Tolkein-esque dwarves in a single coverall.

Does anyone else use these kinds of quiet makin' stuff videos as a sleep aid? I can't even remember how I used to fall asleep before YouTube. This Old Tony and Clickspring in particular are pretty good for this. Also NileRed and bigclivedotcom. AvE is also ok but doesn't have the calm, quiet tones as This Old Tony as he's very excitable and likes to do things like open product boxes with mini chainsaws or even cold chisels.

Mikeselectricstuff is also good and calm and I have fallen asleep many times listening to him take some expensive piece of fancy test electronics to bits and mildly talking about those bits.

I think one of my first reliable YouTube sleep aids was AgentJayz which is counterintuitive considering he works on jet engines, but apparently I like falling asleep to the sound of an Olympus or LM-1500 gas generating turbine screaming along in the test cell... with the volume turned way down.

There is something really calming about the rhythmic noises of machine tools whirring away and someone calmly talking about them. I especially like how This Old Tony likes to speed up or time lapse some of the actual machining segments and include the audio as a muted but sped up version of machine noises that sound like little toy machine shop noises.

I know I can't be the only one doing this, but I'm worried that one day I'm going to meet one of these people and the first dumb thing I'm going to do is get all excited and say is "OMG I FALL ASLEEP YOUR VIDEOS ALL THE TIME THANK YOU!" and it's going to come out all awkward and wrong.
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His arabesque work is outstanding. Structurally, though, the mechanism's a bit of a disaster: two thin screws taking all the tension.
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Maybe. Those screws might be 10-24? Steel one's are good for 60,000psi tensile. The tensile cross section area is .02 sq in, so each screw is good for 1,200 lbs or a bit more than half a ton to failure.

Apologies for using Freedom Units instead of metric.
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Wow, loquacious, you and I could sleep together. Wait, that came out wrong...
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Argh, the parts seemed like they were CGI at times.

What did he do with the (I presume) electrolysis baths? The parts seemed to keep their colour, only look more polished?
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I think they’re gold plated brass.
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