Chicano Batman, keeping the Latino rhythm and blues alive and well
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“We’re four Latinos breaking through in a market of rock music and succeeding. That’s the face of immigration or migration or however you want to call it. That shifts a lot of people’s preconceived notion of the status quo and that feels good.” From Los Angeles' house band to touring with Jack White (Guardian), Chicano Batman's tropical/ Latino soul sound is getting more recognition, from being picked (Bandcamp interview) for a Johnny Walker spot covering "This Land is Your Land" to bringing the sunshine to sessions on NPR Tiny Desk, KEXP and a song on Conan (YouTube x4). Dive deep into their music on Bandcamp.
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Final note, from The Guardian: their band comes not only from, well, Batman, but also from United Farm Workers logo, which looks a bit like a bat. They've modified that logo in some of their promotional images.
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I can't remember how I stumbled upon their music, but they are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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I saw these guys at Loufest a few years ago and again when they were here in KC. They are a damn good live band and you should definitely make an effort to see them and give them their due.

I’m so glad they are doing well.
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I found about Chicano Batman when Freedom is Free appeared on Allmusic's New Releases list and have been enjoying them since. They're great live and recorded.
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Ooh they have several CA tour dates this fall. Thanks!
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This is good!
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Here's their website, for ease of access.
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These guys are great. I love their wedding music band look.

And now I feel like I might have a new understanding of this. (Warning: sitcom depiction of the delivery of a baby.)
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I found out about them by happening on them playing at Bottlerock a few years ago, and I'll totally second that they put on an excellent live show. They're great.
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I went from "I've heard of them" to "this is my new favorite band" in the first four songs of Freedom is Free, so thanks for that. I love the mix of influences they're synthesizing--their music is so fun and intricate and endlessly listenable.
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