The Climate Crisis, Illustrated
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Pejac's drawings clarify the destructive absurdity of the Anthropocene
Ahab straddles the tip of a gliding whale. A lone fisherman sits on a bed of dissolving ice. Into an endless sea of bobbling plastic, a young boy casts out a line into a suffocated sliver of water. These are just some of the disturbing climate renderings from Barcelona-based street artist Pejac. In these provocative drawings, human and natural worlds collide with absurd and destructive consequences that reveal an all-too-inexorable truth: The Anthropocene will spell the unraveling of both if we don't act now.
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Looking forward to seeing these framed, captioned and jpg compressed on a facebook post in the near future
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I dunno, real life seems to be providing images of the destructive absurdity of the Anthropocene pretty well.
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Anthropocene : if any other species in the history of this planet has ever been arrogant enough to name an epoch after itself, at least it was smart enough not to leave the evidence behind after it disappeared - at least not in a form we can understand.
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