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What a horrible way to go...
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Do you think it was *exactly* 1,625 bites? I mean who counts that stuff? Did somebody else do a recount to get it exact? I guess a "whole lot" of ant bites doesn't do it for a death certificate.
posted by bubba at 3:27 PM on May 26, 2000

I worked in medicine for some years, and I'm certain the coroner counted each bite. Especially since the fire ant endemic is being written up in the journals, everyone is trying to come up with substantiated numbers regarding the ants toxicity and behavior so they can go to the CDC and ask for an all out war on them.

posted by katchomko at 4:24 PM on May 26, 2000

That's why doctors get paid the big bucks: they count and recount all 1600+ of the ant bytes. Nothing missed. No stone unturned. Speaking of weird stuff. In a former life this guy came into the ER not feeling well. Upon examination a small hole was discovered in his abdomen. When the pt was asked about it he said: Oh yeah. I shot myself.On another occasion these two guys were out hunting (you anti gun folks will appreciate this) and one of them fell or something and shot his buddy with his light caliber rifle. They rushed to the ER and came running in announcing: I've been shot! Turns out the bullet just ricocheted off his rib and gave him a relatively minor cut.Here's a slam on medicine: The other day this MD calls me for technical assistance, from his medical workplace, and is so wasted I have to repeat the one-word instruction 3 times before he can get it. The moral is: Always second guess your MD. Believe me, there are more reasons than just his sobriety to do that.
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