Orion of Master?
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1OOM is a re-creation of the classic Master of Orion, which arguably defined the entire genre known as 4X games. It includes several new features, enhanced UI and AI opponents, and general quality of life fixes. The original MOO1 data files are required to play.
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On a personal note, the command-line UI is particularly interesting to me, as I've never before been able to play this game on my own due to blindness. It's cryptic and seems more than a bit obscure, but does appear to work. Now i just have to remember how to do things, it's ben a long time since I've touched this one with friends.
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Cooool. Thanks, I'd never heard of this and MOO is one of my favorites.
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Q: Is this project dead?
A: The project is finished. The author is dead.

Mostly a joke about "the death of the author", but digging for background has led to some... interesting discussions during the course of the project.
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Won't be able to try this out until I get home, but does this work with the data files from the GOG release?

Alas, I suspect that the 3.5 inch floppies that I used to originally install MOO1 circa 1994 did not survive my parents' most recent move.
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arguably defined the entire genre known as 4X games

Kids today and their disrespect for the classics.
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oh no
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I love MOO tons and still play it from time to time. I'm excited to see what they've done with the AI. The old AI wasn't so great.
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Wow, MOO. Fond memories of pouring every ounce of resources into weapons research while making super friendly nice with everybody around me until I can design a tiny ship with a big gun that can be mass produced into planet-killing swarms and then steamrolling across the galaxy like an angry god trailing terror and obliteration in my wake.

Good times.
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Tempting, but our household is safe until the 2OOM project pops up.
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Lots of small crafts carrying proton torpedoes!
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So… The command line UI is definitely non-intuitive but I think after some poking at it I'm figuring out how it works. :) The most annoying thing I couldn't get sorted was how to switch the type of ship I was building, I had to look into the source code for that, and there's a TODO item in there explaining that the syntax I was using isn't implemented yet.

This probably won't be a problem for people who can use the regular GUI. :) Also of note, the fact they implemented a command-line version of the battle system at all is kind of neat. I just have no idea what it's showing me yet.
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Awesome!! Psilons FTW. But every once in a while you have to go dark side and play as Darloks.
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The couldn't wait till the end of the semester? Jerks. (Well, I'm already pretty behind in grading... what's one more week.)
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daaaaamn. that is a quality handle.

just love seeing gitlab usernames that could double as Metafilter handles.
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the 1oom repo has a nice looking CODE_OF_CONDUCT file too.
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I like the CODE_OF_CONDUCT, though was a bit thrown by references to religious behavior. I'm not sure if that was intentional or some sort of dictation error.

I also appreciate that the code is documented and has a style guide to follow, both truly important for projects like this.
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Mrrshans forever

It's great to see people are continuing to fix/update this game, which will always have a very special place in my heart. Although the original author of 1oom seems to be done with their contributions, there is at least one actively maintained fork here which is actively continuing work.

There's also a really exciting looking project called Remnants of the Precursors, which is a full re-implementation of Moo1 with original rules but new graphics. The main webpage for this project allows you to download an alpha and the subreddit seems to be the main place to follow for updates. This is another real labor of love.

I believe the grandparent of all these efforts might be the Moo1 unofficial patch (latest v1.40m) which was fixing bugs in the (DOS) version of the game and tweaking AI behavior years ago. You can learn a lot about the quirks of the AI from reading through those patch notes.

Unfortunately the unofficial patch and 1oom are all building on the DOS versions of the game. The Mac version was clearly superior (if for no other reason than you could have a much larger view of the starmap). I suppose it might be possible to run that game under an old Mac emulator (SheepShaver or Basilisk II), but I haven't investigated that in a long time...
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I wonder if any similar efforts exist for MOO 2? I always heard that one highly praised, but my friend and I never really got as far in our attempts to play it, I'm not sure why. From what I know of it the complexity ramps up quite a bit.
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OMG this is bad for my ability to do anything else.
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I owe my username to MOO (story in profile). I may owe my career in computers to MOOII (and a highschool teacher who offered to show me how to add RAM to my family's PC because it didn't meet MOOII's minimum specs). <3
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Original MOO2 artist here. I am so tickled by the longevity of this particular game. I know it's because of the game design and not the art, but wow is it neat to see it get its second and third wind.

It's also a huge bummer that they shut the studio down just as we were starting to ramp up for MOM2. That was coming right on the tail of the adaptation we did for CivII: Fantastic Worlds, and would have been designed by all of the principals that made MOO2 so great.
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I like the CODE_OF_CONDUCT, though was a bit thrown by references to religious behavior. I'm not sure if that was intentional or some sort of dictation error.

CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md was modified from its upstream source, to, among other things:
  • Remove the ban on harassment
  • Remove the ban on sexual imagery and language
  • Remove the ban on trolling & personal attacks
  • Add a ban on religion
  • Add a ban on poor punctuation
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    …Yech. A lot of the items removed from the upstream code are precisely the kinds of things I'd think should be expressly prohibited. THanks for pointing that out.
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