7 positive changes that have come from the #MeToo movement
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The impact of the movement goes far beyond powerful men losing their jobs.

Of course, just because laws are changing and people are finding their voices doesn't mean there aren't setbacks. The Myth of the Woman Scorned Returns with anti-women commentators comparing victims to women who can't handle being rejected. And Bob Woodward stepped his foot in it.
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If I hear or see another man use "weird" as an euphemism for predatory, abusive behavior - I'm going to scream. And that's being said as a man.

No, abusive behavior is not "weird". Predatory behavior is not "weird". And when you describe it as such, at best you're telling me that you are not talking in good faith. At worst, you're wanting exculpation from your own abusive behavior. And either way you're proving that you are unsafe and untrustworthy.
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Why is Caitlin Flanagan so awful? Argh.
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Except periodically she's not, which makes her awfulness more confusing.
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Bob Woodward's been a dingus for a long time, from his role in journalism fraud to his Iraq War boosterism.
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Kirsten Gillibrand was right, repeat unto infinity. I think that fifty years from now she'll be seen as a Cassandra rather than a scheming harpy. Fingers crossed.
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I like weird foreplay. Weird foreplay's a thing. But it's only a thing in the absence of a power imbalance. And it sure as hell isn't a thing that should happen in the workplace.
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Weird or not, foreplay only counts if the receiver of the foreplay wants it -- that's the whole point here, not even considering power imbalance, putting weird foreplay out there onto people who don't want it is wrong.
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And it seems like doing the right thing by victims of sexual harassment has good effects beyond that specific area: I noticed one of the effects of #MeToo was to bring about a movement to end the tipped minimum wage (which has already happened in California; tipped employees still get the federal minimum) - which will benefit everyone who works for tips.

Next time someone asks about teh menz (and men are harassment victims, too) show them this. Work as a server or a bartender? This affects you, as well.
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