I want that good grief, the one that heals me
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Scrimshanders are a rare breed and their work has entered the American consciousness chiefly as the domain of 19th century whalers. But this Friday, Fourteenfifteen Gallery will not be a showing the scrimshaw work of some second mate named Delmar from The Rose of Nantucket, but rather the scrimshaw of Adri De La Cruz of Albuquerque. Her take is pure New Mexico. Bones of Grief, the Scrimshaw of Adri De La Cruz (Albuquerque Alibi artist interview) "Good Grief" is currently showing at Fourteenfifteen Gallery, which has a few more photos of her work.

Fourteenfifteen Gallery has more from Adri:
Over the past several year I have had many things to grieve. Though I was not dealing with them properly. I was told I needed to do something with my emotions, anything productive to get them out of me. Thus, begot Good Grief. The time it takes to find bones and clean them is the time I spend thinking and feeling. The carvings and burnings on the bones are the energy and love I give in homage and adoration to the grievances. Whereby, letting go and learning from them. This is Good Grief.

All bones are ethically sourced.
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Title from Dessa's Good Grief (official video; official lyrics video; single on Bandcamp)
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I really like this. Wish there were more photos of her work.

stuff like this makes me think long and hard about moving back to Albuquerque.
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I wasn't able to find a personal site for the artist, or anything on Instagram. If I make it to the gallery, I'll inquire about where to get more photos, and see if I can take and share more.
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Those too few images are as lovely as the intent she sets out in her artist's statement. I hope you're able to find us another source for her work, filthy light thief!

Grief can be so all-consuming but our society is ill-equipped to give people the space and opportunity to work through it. I really appreciate seeing how De La Cruz is working through her grief and that she is sharing that process and the outcome of it.
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Looks very reminiscent of the Balinese skull carving traditions - lots of which can be purchased in the west for five times their local price.
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One more photo on Instagram
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