There are no tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at this time.
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The National Hurricane Center is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you don't want to remember "", you can also navigate directly to the handy "". The NHC tracks all tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic, Eastern and Central North Pacific. Live in a different part of the world? Here's a map and links to other national tropical cyclone centers, such as the India Meteorological Department or the Japan Meteorological Agency.

More fun links from/related to the site:
Historical/climatological information
Breakpoints: When they say "A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from [Point A] to [Point B]", this is the list of points they choose from
Here is the 6-year list of storm names
Here's the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, and here for mostly-lower winds is the Beaufort wind scale and some pictures of flags
What about the cone? "The Cone of Uncertainty", and what you should and should not do with it
Just want to calculate the distance between two points when you have their latitude and longitude? OK, you can do that
Finally, here's a great big FAQ about all kinds of tropical cyclone stuff

eponystericity demands that I mention that my username comes from a different kind of hurricane
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Hurricane Dorian Was Worthy of a Category 6 Rating
The Category-1-to-5 Saffir-Simpson scale for rating hurricanes is inadequate
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Speaking as a resident of New Orleans: I could type in my sleep.
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Sooo are we going to have this post every day? I have concerns about the efficiency of our new Metafilter based National Warning System
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I check this site every week during hurricane season. I live in coastal, extremely floodable Georgia and we've gotten a major hurricane every year since I moved here. My neighbor says before this string, the last time he evacuated for a storm was in the 80s. I'm moving again in a month, so if we stop getting bad storms after that, we know it was actually my fault and not climate change.
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Are you at least going to warn the people in the place you’re moving to?
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I want to kvetch about how the wunderground/hurricane site has gone downhill since the Weather Channel bought it. The front page world map no longer maps storms. Not only are the satellite photos and animations not updated, they maintain an inaccurate satellite photo as default. This can confuse people and is dangerous. They might as well allow Trump to mark-up the weather maps.

Jeff Masters, co-founder, is leaving the place.
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here 4 u, karen
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I check this site every week during hurricane season.
Only once a week?

I (Southeast FL) look at it every day between June and November. It's on my bookmarks bar. I keep a tab always open on it on my phone. And the title text is the sweetest thing to see there.
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It gave me no pleasure to delete the Wunderground app and bookmarks from my devices, but IBM (who owns the Weather Company) borked it worse than the PCjr.
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