Big foundations pull funding from city school district.
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Big foundations pull funding from city school district. According to my inside source at the Board of Education here, the foundations and the BoE consider the school board's shenanigans to be "marginal." That is, unusual compared to most school boards for districts this size. I would think there are many bad school boards like ours, right?
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Here's an editorial about the situation that seems on-the-money.
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Bring on the vouchers.
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We have trouble here in the Dallas area too.
I think this is through out the U.S.A..
And our school board has had problems just within the past 5 years(there is more), and even hired Edison.
The losers are not you or me or the taxpayer, but the children. Then they become adults and we wonder what their problem is.
Well I think we should do what I did for my teachers,
clean the slate and start new. Never could fix a chalk board.
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