This was Dragon. I had him when I was a puppy. Until one day he exploded
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This thread is totes adorbes and I'm ticked to have looked through it for a while! Great mid-week boost full of really fun interactions and doggos and like yay! Thanks!

(Not all of twitter is awful!)
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Um... wow, that should read "tickled", not ticked. Terrible mistake and I didn't catch it!

Still scrolling here and there, still cute!
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A great and much needed break from the suck. A pic of our Chloe with her Lambie is among the good doggos.
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I remember the Lambie photos! :D
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We got ours (chihuahua/pinscher, maybe) a little kind of elongated rabbit without much stuffing but with squeak boxes. She hasn't destroyed it yet, but she does like to snatch it and break its neck rather gruesomely before running off with it.
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Jazz Hands Mr. Broccoli FTW
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Oh boy did I need this today. Thank you so much, Johnny Wallflower.
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My dog has no stuffy. Only tug rope. Tug rope best toy in world. Here - you want tug rope? You can have tug rope. Surprise! Dog didn’t let go of other end!
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My dog destroys all toys without exception. When toys are not available, shoes and pillows are destroyed instead. That's just life.
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Ms Pepper (who is a cat) has loved Pink Fish until Pink Fish became merely the ravaged skin of Pink Fish (this took about 6 months), which is still occasionally left on our pillow as a gift/warning.

Sadly, I don't know if I can find a replacement Pink Fish as it came in a pack of fishing rod toys that were gifted to us. She is currently transferring her main affections to a catnip mouse but they are definitely less...affectionate as have not yet had Red Mouse brought to me with the mousie howls. Might be because she is too busy getting stoned off Red Mouse.
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I love all the dogs and the frens. Penguins, alligators, octupi...
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Of my four dogs, two don't care about toys.

One is a ball hound - she only wants balls and usually can be found sleeping with one in her mouth looking like a little a black roasted piglet.

The other meathead - Hugo the Monkey - is a toy fiend and he has favorites. When you come home, he furiously run over to his toy bucket and dig and dig and dig until, according to some arcane unknown metric, he finds the right one. At which point he wiggle himself over to you, present the toy for you to praise and then when you go to grab it - gleefully run away! Fooled you human! (He'll get a funny look of distress if there are no toys in the area, but he'll hunt for something like a discarded sock or stick)

One day, I picked him up a stuffed monkey toy (because his nickname is Monkey or Monkey butt) and that one instantly rocketed to the head of class. It became his favorite so much so that I went out and bought another 2 while they're still being manufactured. Good thing - we had to switch from Monkey Prime to Monkey Beta a few weeks back as Monkey Prime was destuffed into a face of horror. (The monkey in question)
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Our dog doesn't care for toys, and pre-arthritis, would chase balls endlessly, but when chasing was done, so was she - no ball-worship as it were.
Our late, great, cat KD had a favorite 'toy' - it was a genuine fur 'tail' of sorts - she wore it down until it was just skin. We delighted her with a replacement in the form of a genuine raccoon tail. She would wander about at night doing the howling-around-the-tail thing. It really was her favorite thing. Oh, and wool balls - this was a very fussy cat - only natural fibers, please.
Sorry no pics, as she was pre-digital era.
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My rescue's favorite toy is a fake log (he ignores the six squirrels that were packed inside it), which we named Log.

When he is relaxing, he lies perfectly still, teeth clamped down on Log, and whistles gently.
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What's the German word for "so cute that you 'can't even', and it makes you so happy that you get depressed just thinking about how amazing these little stuffies + dog photos are"

Like the antonym of this:


This is an exhausted feeling - both physically and mentally. It happens after acts of violence takes place - like your mind and body just can't handle all the negativity. You can feel this way even if you're not closely linked to the violence (like seeing things on the news or online).

"Beautiful" I'd think?
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