Don't turn around.
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Behind You is an ongoing series of illustrations made by illustrator Brian Coldrick since 2015. Each is a "one shot horror story," and although it's now collected into a book, they're so much better animated. A perfect way to get ready for Halloween. (previously)
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Jeez, these are just wonderful.
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I managed to hold out through about 15 of them until I could no longer resist the urge to look behind me. Creepily cool!
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I love these! They strike a nice balance of spooky and creepy. I also love that they're posted year-round -- don't get me wrong, I love Halloween specials, but I'm always grateful when spooky stuff isn't limited to October.
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I was just thinking about these images....
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The streetlight thing happens to me sometimes. I assume it means I have a superpower I don't yet know about.
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These are really cool, I really like this one panel horror premise.

I am highlighting this one because it's lack of an Oxford comma undercuts the horror, which is itself horrifying.
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I am highlighting this one because it's lack of an Oxford comma undercuts the horror, which is itself horrifying.


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There are lots of really good uses of the narration being the voice of the person whose back is turned ... or is it?
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They remind me in a way of a more erudite version of RK Milholland's occasional "Rhymes with Witch" series like this:

It's been spotty for the last little while, but just last week new strips appeared
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Like a modern-day sort of Edward Gorey! Love it.
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Been following since the start. Very nicely done bits of creepy.
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Deliciously creepy!
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Wonderful stuff!
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These would make good writing prompts—reminds me of a creepy version of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.
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