Tuba festival season is upon us!
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You have your OkTubaFests and Octubafests and OcTUBAfests; really, it seems that most fall festivals aren't complete without a tuba component of some kind. As the holiday season approaches, the TubaChristmas phenomenon will begin to take hold for the 46th year in a row. Last year the Kansas City Symphony's TubaChristmas broke the world record for the largest tuba ensemble when they got 835 tuba, Sousaphone, euphonium, and baritone players together to play "Silent Night" all at once. If you prefer to listen to tubas in the summertime, the International Euphonium Tuba Festival will be held in June in Atlanta next year. *Bonus tuba-related content: An enthusiastic reporter accidentally drops his microphone into a sousaphone at a high school pep rally.*
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Lotta tubas at the Honk!
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Needs more Sons of Kemet!
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If you can go to the TubaChristmas in Akron, Ohio, you might get to hear 400 tubas and euphoniums play carols under the direction of Tucker Jolly, a delightful music professor with a perfect name the occasion.
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brass players can make bank at Christmas!
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I played in NYC TubaChristmas lo, many years ago. May or may not have become interested in it because a euph-playing crush of mine was going, but either way I hauled my tuba into Manhattan and played. Mostly I remember being so exhausted afterward that I nearly fell asleep in my dinner at whatever restaurant my parents took me out to celebrate afterward. Also I bought one of the hats. Tuba players unite!
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The problem is finding the right tuba store. This city is the tuba capital of the world!
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Great post. I might skip family Christmas and just enjoy Tuba Christmas instead.
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This is a really good first post!
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Sousaphone, sousaphonesousaphone!
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I'd make a joke about a series of tubas, but these are clearly operating in parallel.
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Sammyo, thank you for the Honk! link. I didn't realized that one of my favorite spring events in Austin is a sister event. All those joyous booming brass is so much better appreciated in person, with kids and dogs underfoot to add to the chaotic energy.
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