There is a city...
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...that stops for one minute every year.
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Israel does this for two minutes every year (link), also for Holocaust remembrance.
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That was very moving.
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This is to remember the second Warsaw Uprising. The first - in the ghetto - is remembered in April, when people buy jonquils. Not all do - not even many - but if you are in Warsaw on 19 April, you can't miss it.
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Britain's observance of the two-minute silence marking the end of World War One is rather patchy these days, but can still be quite touching.

A few years ago, I happened to be in a large department store right in the middle of London when they counted down to the silence over the store's PA. Most of the people I could see stopped in their tracks and paused their conversations till the PA returned with a tinny recording of The Last Post to let everyone know they could talk again. All you could hear for a few seconds on that busy sales floor was the occasional mother hushing a puzzled child or some oblivious dick in the distance still babbling into his cellphone.

It's a tradition that's on its way out, I guess, but I for one shall miss it.
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Just as long as the Poles don't stop on the way to the polls this Sunday.
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I wonder what's going through the minds of the people who keep walking in some of those shots.
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the city I'm most familiar with doesn't have the kind of history that Warsaw does, but I'd love to see something like this once a year to remember that it was all pretty much a forest less than two hundred years ago -- that we now live in what amounts to the largest clearcut in the region.
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It was more meaningful before the 44 Uprising was coopted wholesale by right wingers and fascists. Right now if you see anyone wearing any of the related symbols or celebrating more strongly than just standing for 5pm, it's a clear sign.

But if anyone swings by Warsaw, you can't miss the Uprising Museum. And then you exit it and remember the city you see is rebuilt wholesale because it was bombed flat in retaliation. We sure are stubborn bastards.
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The Netherlands has two minutes every year.
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Canada does two minutes on November 11. Cars on the 401 pull over, buses stop, radio and tv stations mute, shops stop serving, etc; I’m usually working in a public library and in charge of making the announcements before and after (as well as de-escalating any situation where a patron refuses to respect the tradition). I honestly thought this was the norm in most countries. We don’t have air raid horns though, I think most people have the CBC or some other media reminding them and playing taps at the end.
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Thanks, jim in austin. This was a positive thing to watch over my morning coffee. And, just when I thought it was going to be ruined at about 1:10, it wasn't. There is a flag at that point with some squiggly black icon on it and I thought to myself, "Oh no, some neo-fascist co-opting of everything good." But, If I'm right it looks like a variation of the Polish Home Army or resistance flag.
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