A Palm in Warsaw
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The video in the There is a city... post from earlier today included a brief shot of a palm tree. The city in question was Warsaw, so the sight of a date palm so far north is surprising. This tree, however, is an art project created in 2002 by contemporary artist Joanna Rajkowska called Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue as a memorial to Warsaw's Jewish community.

The project initially met with some resistance, partly from the administration, partly due to current cultural attitudes that don't welcome radical or different ideas - the tree also invokes "the idiomatic expression that Poles use to describe something unthinkable, something outside of reason, something idiotic - "palma odbiƂa" / "hit by a palm tree". But since its creation the public has come to accept the unusual artwork, and although the original plan was for a one-year exhibit it has remained standing. Earlier this year the tree "died" temporarily to draw attention to climate change; it was subsequently restored.

(Lots more history and details in the above links)
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I was wondering about that! It made me question my whole shiz because I was like "well, obviously it's not poland, what's the mediterranean country whose flag is red and white and uses the roman alphabet?"
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Yes! me too! That's what spurred me to look into it, and the answer was so gratifying that I had to share the story.
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Very cool. Thanks for posting.
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