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Aude Konan, writing for OkayAfrica, lists twenty Black punk bands you need to listen to.

(Via Dr. Prescod-Weinstein on twitter.)
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This is amazing - thank you!!
posted by Foci for Analysis at 7:13 AM on October 13, 2019 [1 favorite]

Nice list.

There was also Negro Terror from Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, their singer, Omar, died earlier this year.
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These are great. My husband won't let me play them all because he's digging deep into the first few I played!
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Hell yeah!! i'm trying to get deep into the wide range of punk/indie genres this year and some of these bands are going straight in my library
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Shared widely because this amazing! Thanks!
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I'm so glad for this list. Thanks, eotvos!

Another classic is Death, and I also really enjoyed Great Wight.
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Leave us not forget Pure Hell.
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Wow, some really great stuff in this list, love it. Thanks!
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Negro Terror, Death, Great Wite, and Pure Hell are on my albums to look for list. Thanks!

(Though Great Wite seems to be entirely unsearchable, no matter what type and number of quotes I add. Fuck search engines.)
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Some great stuff here! The documentary linked in there also looks interesting.
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This is awesome!
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