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Babushka Boi by A$AP Rocky [YouTube][Music Video] “Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen and inspired by Dick Tracy, the “Babushka Boi” video sees Rocky, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q, A$AP Nast and Kamil Abbas cast as Depression-era gangsters, wearing stylized facial prosthetics that exaggerate the cartoonish quality of the clip. But that’s nothing compared to the video’s villains – the cops – dressed up as anthropomorphic pigs. Rocky and his gang flee from the oinking feds after pulling off a heist, and their Looney Toons car chase eventually leads to a good old-fashioned shoot-out.” [via: Rolling Stone]

• A$AP Rocky on His New Store, Creativity, and the Real Reason He Started Wearing a Headscarf (Before Everyone Else Did) [Vogue]
Rocky: I was walking around like that in the babushka that day because my face got cut.
VR: How did it get cut?
Rocky: Well...I always tell a different story about that.
VR: Okay, give me your favorite.
Rocky laughs and considers, then says: So basically I was slap boxing with my auntie. And she has these long-ass nails. She slapped the shit out of me and scarred me for life. So I had to borrow her babushka.
Henson: And remember that day you were shooting Vogue? He got into a fight with his aunt at four in the morning…
VR: You were with your aunt at four in the morning, huh?
[Rocky laughs]
Henson: ...and at 8 a.m. he had a Vogue shoot that Camilla Nickerson was styling. So he came out of his room with it on, and he went on set with it on, and it became a thing.
VR: Wow. There have been essays written [on streetwear websites] about the meaning of the babushka and your motivation behind wearing it. And now we know.
Henson: And it makes everyone look better.
ASAP: I really do think so, you know? It started out as that, and it just looked dope, so I stuck with the aesthetic. But I’ve seen dudes do it before.
VR: Sure, but maybe not dudes with your profile. Which is why people jumped on it, and it became a thing. Menswear is always wrestling with that old idea: If you dress beautifully, does it compromise your masculinity?
Rocky: I don’t think so. I don’t think it compromises mine at all. I mean I could have been a gangster. But I’m a pretty boy! And if you ain’t got it, make it!
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“Gimme Some More” vibes, I likes.
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They properly coopted Dick Tracy. Those colors were perfect.
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