Irish funeral
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Irish man leaves a message from beyond the grave for his funeral. (Direct reddit video). (NSFW for Irish language)
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NSFW for Irish language

Cad atá tú ag caint faoi?
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Nyt Safe For Welsh?
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I watched this and laughed, and then cried a bit, because I did think about what it might be like to be down there in that box. Points to lovely funny guy for the joke, making everybody laugh at your gravesite. But it went on a wee bit too long and became a bit...ehhh, made me think of that other stuff. Still-- good to have role models! So, yeh, I'm working on my funeral shtick.
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I have advised my wife that I want three things when I die: 1) cremation, not burial (yick), 2) spreading my ashes at a dog park, and 3) that my memorial service include some sort of sharing of funny Rykey memories by friends and family. I've also thought about making a video of myself talking to people from beyond the grave, but... there are a lot of moving parts there, and it's kinda dark, even for me. Maybe if my passing is somewhat predictable (e.g., long illness) and I have time to think it through...
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I want John Stamos to make an appearance...

And then my body falls on wires, swings over the crowd, strobe lights, techno music...
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I know the 'Irish language' bit is a joke but it seems to rest on not knowing there is an actual Irish language that isn't swearing like a character from the commitments.

Basically, what ricochet biscuit said, but in a more humourless manner.
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