July 10, 2002 2:23 PM   Subscribe urges you to stay away from the ballpark on 7/11. I sympathize somewhat, but don't you think this will have little effect? And are they ripping a page out of the Charleston Riverdogs book?
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Disgusted, disillusioned are the two words that come to my mind when thinking of the game. I've stayed away for the last 10 years (not that MLB missed me) so another day won't matter. I hear about similar movements here in Chicago but they invariably end up caving in because the rabid fans refuse to stay away or see no reason to. Love is blind. In my case, it wears dark sunglasses as well.
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The Cox Abuse Team.

That's just naughty.
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Doh! Wrong thread! How the hell did that happen?
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At least they are organizing it to occur on my birthday.
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I was at the Riverdogs game the other night, it was pretty cool. A picnic in the park outside the stadium, good breeze coming in off the water, and a sense of humor all around, in that this little escapade was making it into the Hall of Fame.

Along with my signature (and a few thousand others) on the banner.

This was a promotion, not a protest.

And more power to these guys who are staging their protest - baseball is fueled by money (duh) and once the owners get hit in the pocketbook, things will change rapidly. I have my doubts that will ever happen, though.
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I have a highly codependent relationship with MLB. They keep treating me like dirt and breaking in my heart, but I keep giving them just one more chance. I think I'm in the "One More Strike And That's It" camp.

Does minor-league ball count? My local team keeps its prices in the reach of the average fan (except for the logo merchandising, which is every bit as expensive as its major-league counterparts judging from some wool baseball caps I was pricing), and the players are a lot more accessible and grateful for the local support. On the other hand, I feel like I'm watching the fieldhands on a gigantic plantation. (BTW, we're in the South Atlantic League's Southern Division with the Riverdogs.)
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I think Gary Huckabay sums it up nicely for me in his article.
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One day won't matter, even if every ballpark was completely empty. And most fans don't have the staying power (staying-away power?), the sticktuitiveness required to boycott a season and hurt the teams where it counts.

I can see it now. Safeco Field, completely empty for a game, not a single fan too be seen:

Reporter: So what did you think of that?
Bret Boone: Well it was a tough game, we were lucky to pull it out.
Reporter: No I mean what did you think of the lack of fans?
Boone: Fans?
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