The dog's name means pudding
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ShibaInuPunchan is a youtuber whose videos feature Purin the shiba watching their master cook. There are currently two dozen low-key videos without dialogue, only the sound of cooking and the sight of a handsome shiba inu with their head and forepaws propped up on the counter, calmly watching their master. Dishes include fluffy cheesecake, spaghetti with meat sauce, and omurice (Purin gets their own serving of this one).

There is no dialogue, only ASMR-ish ambient sounds. Captions and recipes are provided, but are all in Japanese. The camera is mostly on the dog watching the food being prepared. Sometimes the dog twitches their nose. Especially when meat is frying.
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Purin is a girl dog. Born in 2017 according to her bio, which lists her occupation as "cooking director."
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You very, very much buried the lede here, which is . . .
(spoiler)In the end, she gets her reward and gets to eat the tasty treatos. Whew!

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I miss Francis, the best YouTube Japanese cooking show supervisory chef dog.
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I would very much like a Shiba Inu. I will name him Sonny. Sonny Shiba Inu. These vids have only intensified my want.
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I am definitely an advocate of adopting pound mutts, but oh boi if I got a pure breed it would be a Shiba Inu (such cute). I don't have a clever name to top the Capt. but that is ok they are all still good dogs.
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Cooking with dog did it better. I love the idea, but the camera angle seems awkward to me.
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I feel like my cat Trilby could star in a similar YouTube account. He always hangs out in the kitchen when I'm cooking. He especially likes to sit/lie on top of the fridge, where he can keep an eye on whatever food prep I am doing on the stretch of counter next to it. He'll relax, even drowse, when I'm preparing something he doesn't like, such as vegetables, and become avidly attentive with a craned neck when I'm working with meat or cheese. My favourite thing is when I've baked cookies, because he smells like cookies for awhile afterwards.

But if I were to launch such a YouTube channel, there would be sound in our videos because he might start fussing at me to give him his lunch or something I'm making, or I might say, 'NO TRILBY! NO! BAD CAT! BAD!!!!", because he will try to steal food if he gets a chance, or lick some of the cookware/dishes. I'm usually on guard enough that he doesn't succeed, but a few weeks back he stole a meatball.
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Shiba Inu Face?
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Odd, I was just thinking about Cooking with Dog on the weekend and wondering what what was going on with Chef and the producer after Francis passed away. It looks like they still release some content they'd previously filmed.

Purin is definitely a good and cute dog.
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These are good but I'm most impressed that Purin daintily eats there food. My experience with dogs and food is more on the "inhale food whole and sad eyes for more".
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In the omurice dish: is that ketchup in the rice, and then again on top of the eggs? Also: is that ketchup in the spaghetti video too? And soy sauce?
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Such a good dog! Little paws on the counter, what a sweetie.

If I tried to do this with my beasts it would have one laying in the middle of the floor being stepped over and one running back and forth, occasionally trying to stick her head in the dishwasher.
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Omurice/omuraisu recipe. Yes, ketchup and soy sauce, I haven't watched the spaghetti video but canned/boxed tomatoes or "tomato sauce" is not hugely common in Japanese pantries. The combo is synergistic; the sum is greater than the parts.
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and our videos would be "Herbert! bad kitty!! get away from that meat/cheese/egg/oil!! herbert cats don't eat green beans what are you doing???"

Herbert's hella cute tho...
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There was a shiba inu pup on my street last year. It was so goddamn perfect it was painful to see it. Every sighting was just a reminder for me that I was a mere mortal who could never even dream to aspire to hope to achieve that kind of perfection.

If someone told me the dog was actually a greek god in disguise and had impregnated several people on the street with demi-god embryos I would just nod and accept it as true fact.
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> In the omurice dish: is that ketchup in the rice, and then again on top of the eggs? Also: is that ketchup in the spaghetti video too? And soy sauce?

It's something I see a lot in Japanese home cooking. You cook with what you have, and cater to local palates. Many people around the world have taken issue with the ways their cuisines have been modified to cater to white American tastes. And many of those criticisms are valid, but there are also often mitigating circumstances such as the lack of availability (until relatively recently) of many ingredients that people in other countries take for granted (such as soft cheeses, or soy sauce and mirin, or asafoetida, or sumac), and the fact that (until relatively recently) there was not much opportunity for people in the U.S. to try Latinx or Indian or Japanese foods before trying to make them at home.
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Purin is such a patient, polite, girl...
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In the omurice dish: is that ketchup in the rice, and then again on top of the eggs? Also: is that ketchup in the spaghetti video too?

If it will make you feel better just think of it as tomato, sugar and vinegar.
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Spaghetti with tomato sauce and omuraisu both fall into the category of 'yo-shoku' or basically food that has been adapted from Western origins. Hamburg steak is another Japanese staple that is in that category. Japanese people consider these dishes quintessentially Japanese, even though they are not Japanese in origin.

The most famous omuraisu video is the Eater one where they go to a restaurant in Kyoto (?) with chef Motokichi. I don't have access to YT right now but maybe someone else can link it.
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So I dunno about your dog... but my dog, given some previous evidence that there'll be some humin food in the end, would A) figure out a strategy on how to look maximally adorable and then B) execute it forever if needed. So like for real, good girl... but no surprise. The ketchup though? I'd be surprised if the pasta sauce, or the omurice, taste as good as they look. Also, way too much salt for a puppy, so I hope they don't do this every day.
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The dog’s getting a dog recipe version of the dish with no salt and onions.
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