A Q & A session
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A Q & A session with two guys who work at that aspiring animator's Mecca - Pixar. One of them, Victor Navone is famous in his own right for the great short "Alien Song".
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Too bad they won't do a biblical cartoon; I've always thought that an animated version of the book of revelations would be absolutely hilarious, what with the book-eating and wine-of-the-blood-of-saints and all.
posted by interrobang at 2:34 PM on July 10, 2002

interrobang - check out e-sheep.com's Apocamon. It's anime and apocalypse, rolled into tasty flash goodness.
posted by jazon at 3:28 PM on July 10, 2002

Actually, I've seen it - but I'm talking about a full-length, big-screen epic blowout. Thanks for the link, though: I'd forgotten where it was.
posted by interrobang at 3:33 PM on July 10, 2002

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