Scottish Ballet: Tremble
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Tremble. "An abstract dining room is the setting for Scottish Ballet’s largest film yet. Tremble stars 26 Scottish Ballet dancers and has been co-choreographed and directed by Jessica Wright and Morgann Runacre-Temple [of Jess and Morgs Films], set to Anna Meredith’s brassy track ‘Nautilus’ [previously]."
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In hindsight I should have titled this "An interpretive dance sequel to 'The Blob.'"
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Here's another dance short film by Jess and Morgs, this time with the English National Ballet: Curing Albrecht

"Curing Albrecht shows a young man who checks into a bespoke institution, hoping to be cured of his inability to stop dancing. ... Directed and choreographed by Morgann Runacre-Temple and Jessica Wright, the short dance film is inspired by themes of dancing and madness in the iconic ballet Giselle."
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Love this, thanks for sharing! And it turns out I know one of the 26 dancers a wee bit, she and I did an acting class together earlier this year.

My only disappointment is that I watched the whole thing it hoping it was a trailer for a massive stage show where nobody ever spilled the jelly despite dancing with it for 2 hours. But the film is awesome enough :)
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That was great. Even with all the reversing, this plate catch impresses me and cracks me up.
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Oh wow!

With all the brilliant platter dancing, they never quite do the swing moves miming waiters, do they? Or do they? I’ll have to watch it again.
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I could watch that company class for hours, while sprawling in ungainly fashion on my sofa, imagining what it must be like to be so strong and graceful. Is it just me, or do their feet bend in half in the middle in an extraordinary fashion? They’re so flexible it’s like their feet are hinged, the back half lifts up while the toe half is still flat on the floor. Incredible.
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That was freaking awesome! Couldn't look away! I've always been fascinated by the differences between dance on film and live dance, and I wish I had the vocabulary and technical knowledge to discuss it like I'd like to. It's one of the biggest disappointments of having a factory-seconds body that I can't make it do things like that!
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Wow ... so ... I saw the little mention of "Scottish Ballet's Digital Season" there at the end and took a closer look at their Youtube channel, and gosh, it looks like there's a bunch of cool stuff - like a complete performance of The Fairy's Kiss - plus that same performance with audio commentary!

I am wowed.

I am, sadly, largely ignorant of dance, but I'm always delighted to be turned on to something cool like this. Thank you for sharing this, homunculus!
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Wow, high art a la Busby Berkeley and molded jello!
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Worth watching on the biggest screen you can lay hands on for the detail. Hard to know which parts of the magic were added in post production and which were done in the original shooting - much of the latter I believe. Interesting to see a ballet performance which makes such great use of facial expressions: hard to do when viewing from a traditional theatre.
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That title tho

Felt like I was being warned
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Nautilus has been playing in my head a lot for the last two days, but I've noticed that sometimes my inner DJ has been switching back and forth between it and Glisssssssssendo's rendition of Philip Glass's Lightning (previously). They compliment each other well, imo.
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