Witchy music for a witchy season
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The 2015 Swedish film Cirkeln (The Circle) wasn't well reviewed or received outside of its home country. But the story of six girls who discover witchery and bravery together was scored by none other than ABBA's Benny Andersson. Benny Andersson - Cirkeln is an hour of instrumental score with seasonally appropriate tones, and could be a welcome soundtrack during this season of haunting.

The full soundtrack (download only, through various sources) has songs from other artists intermingled with the instrumental tracks. It runs to 40 tracks and includes these non-Benny tracks.
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It appears it's basically impossible to download any of this in the US, so best enjoy it via streaming (I don't have streaming, maybe it also isn't available there) or via this YT link.

Outside the US, it's probably easier to find.
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I'm interested in the very different reactions of Swedish critics and foreign critics. I wonder why? Is the story quintessentially Swedish, in the way that Americans are bemused at how much Australians love The Castle? Was the translation particularly poor?
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Really enjoying this as background to my work in a quiet, empty house today. Thank you!!
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