"She says, ‘Tell the ambulance not to come.’ She just needs the police."
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One Night at Mount Sinai: A star doctor drugs, then sexually assaults his patient. Aja Newman was dozing from the morphine. David Newman entered Room 8 and told her he was going to give her another dose. She objected. She had already been given morphine, she said, but the doctor was determined. ... “I’m like, ‘Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is not okay.’ And I am immediately concerned. I’m going under way too fast,” she remembers. But even then, it didn’t occur to her that David had any intention of harming her.
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I feel so much respect for Aja Newman, who despite being drugged had the presence of mind to hide the sheets and her gown.

And I feel so much disgust for everyone who enabled Newman to believe that he is a good doctor who deserves to see patients. The story about a social worker reporting the doctor In October of 2015 but now mysteriously no such report exists is so typical.
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Wow, that is a story of astonishing intelligence, guts, and presence of mind under fire.

Ada Newman has saved at least hundreds of women from sexual assault by that doctor. I wonder whether he would ever have been caught.

Oh, and keep reading 'til the last paragraphs; I'd bet they will knock you right back in your chair.
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How is she so grounded, so centered, so confidant? My new hero!
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This is a brave woman!
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Oh, and keep reading 'til the last paragraphs; I'd bet they will knock you right back in your chair.

Oof, yes
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From the linked article within the linked article:

She spoke of her young daughter. She remembered bathing her on a recent day, and her daughter sang a song in which she listed her body parts. It was a song Ms. Newman had taught her, and she said that her mother had taught it to her and her siblings. Her daughter then said, as Ms. Newman told the court, that there were places that only her mother and her doctor could touch.

Standing only a few feet from Dr. Newman, she continued, “What do I tell her now?”

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Aja Newman is a fucking hero. She should be the one giving TED talks.
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The intersection of how people discount narratives of addicts and this story is the part that tertifies me.

No one can tell the difference between self administered drugs and intentionally administered by someone else drugs.

And the fact that it mentioned that she tested clean aside from what the person gave her doesn't matter. It doesn't. Even if she'd used herion every day, this was still obviously illegal and wrong and it's so incredible the victim blaming in this society.

Its really important to me that no ones allegations are ignored. That everyone is taken seriously. Regardless of history or background, or mental illness. And the medical profession can do better.
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God damn the end of that is a kick in the stomach
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Would that we all have that bravery and presence of mind.
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This is horrible and she's absolutely a hero. Also there's a lot of lessons in how this article is written, wow.
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I live in New Orleans. What are the chances he could be working here as a volunteer or something?
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he's on the sex offender list in LA too.
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Aja Newman is so damn brave. This guy clearly would have kept doing this. I think what she did, and so many other brave women before her, is also a service - here's how you get your evidence, here's how to believe yourself, here's how to get help. It's incremental and slow but women like Aja are chipping away at the status quo and it seems to be working.

I occasionally listen to The Cut's podcast. It's got some pretty great stuff. This one, about an assault that was perpetrated by a Lyft driver in the context of working for Lyft was really amazing but also triggering af for for anyone with...I don't know...a functioning nervous system but it also highlighted the braveness of this woman for how she acted and pushed to get answers and some kind of resolution.
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I can't imagine someone reading this article and not coming away in awe of Aja Newman. I certainly am. But I wish the bar was a little lower -- I wish you didn't have to be something akin to a superhero to see a conviction in a case of sexual assault like this.
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Dude is a psychopath. Did you catch the disingenuous bullshit excuse of bipolar. Fuck you, Dr. Rapey, for further stigmatizing mental health. Two years is a travesty.
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Those last few lines.....I am crying.
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Tough has a new definition, that is Aja Newman.
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Wow really horrifying story. Just want to say this is very well written and feels like it does justice to Aja and asks the right questions about the system. I'll be looking out for writing by Lisa Miller.
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Aja Newman. Extraordinary. What a tremendously brave woman. And what a very well-written piece.
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The bravery, the determination, the presence of mind of this woman.

Doctors, especially ER doctors, get exposed to some of the most vulnerable possible populations. It's not at all surprising that abusers would find their way into that corner of the profession.
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Two fucking years.
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This doctor is terrible but I appreciated the writer's focus on the system that enabled him. ER culture, for-profit medicine, misogyny, white supremecy, these structures cause this outcome.

I work at a safety net non-profit hospital but even without the profit motive further enabling Big White Male 'Geniuses' shitty behavior, I can absolutely imagine this happening in our ER.
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I am trembling with fury at the lengths to which this incredibly courageous woman had to go before people in power acknowledged that she had been violated.

Meanwhile, the predator who sexually assaulted her got the benefit of the doubt from the very beginning and a minuscule penalty that was vastly disproportionate to the scope of the trauma he has inflicted.
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At least his profession has the ability to strip his power over patients. That's a lot more than can be said about most predators.

Although I do wonder if he would have permanently lost his license if he hadn't stolen the propofol.
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Aja Newman is tough and really smart, along with brave. David Newman sounds like a psychopath, not uncommon, a guy who will abuse trust, just because he can. This article should be required reading.
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