Yes, you can pet the Polterpup in Luigi's Mansion 3.
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Luigi's Mansion 3 [YouTube][Game Trailer] [Overview Trailer][JP]“Luigi’s Mansion is one of those series that seemingly came out of left field. When it was announced that Luigi would be getting his own star role for the GameCube launch, people were dubious. What came was nothing like any Mario game before it, and it has stuck with fans ever since, albeit through scattered releases and easter eggs in other Mario franchises. So when a full-console third installment was announced last September, people lost their minds. Luigi's Mansion 3 has that Nintendo polish we know and love: The mansion is gorgeous, the character animations are stylized, and the music is unbelievably good. While it may not scare you like Resident Evil or The Last of Us, there is still some low-level eeriness. So if you're too old for trick-or-treating and too chickenshit for other horror games, this is the perfect pick for your Halloween gaming.” [via: Esquire]

• Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is The Kind Of Nintendo Game My Switch Has Been Missing [Kotaku]
“You can have your Smash Bros and your Splatoons, your Wii U ports and your raft of tepidly reviewed JRPGs. I turn on my Nintendo systems for one of two things: weird games (a really weird one is coming out on Friday) and well-designed, gameplay-first adventures I can get lost in on my own. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is that last thing. I’m about three hours into the new game from Nintendo and the ever-excellent Luigi’s Mansion veterans at Next Level Games. I’m having a great time. Sure, this game can be played in co-op, with a second player controlling Gooigi, but I’m hoarding the fun for myself. I’ve been wanting a game like this. With respect to a lot of the bigger Nintendo games of late, they’ve catered more to the multiplayer crowd or to tastes that run a little different than mine. I grew up on Nintendo’s solo adventures and craved the deeper, more exploratory ones like Metroid and Zelda. Luigi’s Mansion games keep good company with those.”
• The first five floors of The Last Resort [Destructoid]
“The first five floors of The Last Resort don't feature any of the themed decor later floors do, but this hotel is one exquisitely designed building. The opening sequence when everything is bright and sunny is extraordinary and perfectly sets up how dark and twisted it becomes once night rolls around. The elegant lobby transforms into a vexing vestibule, the rooms turn into crime scenes, and the haughty hallways become haunted by ghosts and the series most creepy-looking spiders to date. To deal with the creepy crawlers, alive or otherwise, Luigi has a set of new tools he can use to defeat them. The Polterguist G-00 retains the abilities from Dark Moon, including suck and blow features, the Strobulb, and the dark light. New to the G-00 are the suction shot that is used mostly in puzzle solving, the burst which allows Luigi to jump, and the slam attack he can use to pulverize ghosts like he's the Hulk at the end of Avengers. Also new is Gooigi, returning from the 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion. ”
• The origins of Gooigi, Luigi’s horrible slimy doppelgänger [Polygon]
“The full gameplay reveal of Luigi’s Mansion 3 left us with one big question: what inspired humans to imagine the nightmare being known only as Gooigi? Gooigi is a living Jello jiggler version of Luigi whom you can call upon in single-player, or as a horrifying co-op partner. (You should know to apologize to any friends or family members that you make play as him.) Summoning him single-player mode makes Luigi go limp and slump forward, a vacant stare across his face, as he gives his life force to this eerie body double who can walk over spikes without a care. Gooigi is bound to Luigi — he can’t open doors for himself, but he can slither down a grate or two to collect items like the slimy monster he is. Gooigi isn’t a completely new creation. He was introduced this year in the 3DS remaster of the original Luigi Mansion for GameCube. According to game director Yoshihito Ikebata, his addition in the 3DS version happened after he’d been imagined for the Nintendo Switch sequel.”
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I played the remake on the 3DS and it was a ton of fun. It has that Nintendo child-like sense of wonder and joy when you're playing it. You're just having FUN! This releases on Halloween and I'm quite excited to venture in. The co-op looks like it's also going to be entertaining as hell.
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I remember really enjoying the original on GameCube, outside of the fact that it left my right index finger in tremendous pain after playing for a little while. Those analog shoulder buttons were not kind.
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Yet another game calling me to The Switch.
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Gooigi is the fuckiest thing Nintendo has ever put in a game.
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codacorolla: there are rumors that there may be discounts by Nintendo this coming gifting season. I have a web page I'm watching which is supposed to have up-to-date info on deals. I'm probably going to toss in this year, which is ridiculous because the last time I owned a gaming console the original Sonic came bundled with it and I lost my job because I played for 56 hours without stopping (and with no chemical support).

But I'll be okay this time around. I promise!
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I mostly hate what games have become but the Switch (and Nintendo) is so, so good.
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This game is everything I hoped it would be. It's so much fun. And perfectly timed with its release on Halloween. Definitely worth your time and money.
posted by Fizz at 2:09 PM on October 31, 2019

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