Sweet mother of...
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Sweet mother of... I don't think it's the video games doing it folks, I think it's toy guns that need a tripod to hold steady...it's like a mobile hose...
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and folks, that sells for about 50 dollars, so we know it's not for little kids, it's for sadistic adults who like to shoot things
posted by starduck at 4:16 PM on May 26, 2000

isn't that more expensive than a real gun?
posted by Doomsday at 4:32 PM on May 26, 2000

Guns don't drown people, water drowns people.

posted by Mick at 6:12 PM on May 26, 2000

There's a great way to escalate. Just start with a spud gun but load it with water instead (actually, to fire water, you probably want a pneumatic cannon. Depending on your gun, you can easily launch 1 or 2 liter salvos.
posted by plinth at 8:33 PM on May 26, 2000

I remember being in Honduras while in the service. Someone had this crazy water baloon launcher. It took three men to operate the monster, but it could launch a water baloon about 300 yards. What fun.
posted by Dean_Paxton at 8:38 PM on May 26, 2000

That thing is freaking beautiful! If I could have gotten ahold of one of those when I was a kid (back in the 70's) I would have ruled and soaked the neighborhood. It also might have kept me from entering the less desirable arena of roman candle fights & dirt clod wars. Kids today are so very lucky.

posted by thirteen at 10:19 PM on May 26, 2000

I remember an interview with one of the SuperSoaker engineers a while back. He basically said that the physics of water jets was a big limitation -- they can only go about 25 feet or so before they begin to break up. The improvements to the gun every summer thus focus on ancillaries such as "rapid fire" and bigger reservoirs.
posted by dhartung at 11:40 PM on May 27, 2000

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