"Horrifying and arousing in equal measure."
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Someone's been replacing the dustcover of former British PM David Cameron's memoirs with their own far superior version (SL Guardian).
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Needs more alleged pigfucking.
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Metafilter: horrifying and arousing in equal measure.
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The ghost of Joe Orton approves!
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David Runciman's review of the memoir in the LRB is worth a read.
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The ghost of Joe Orton approves!

we used to do this in high school (me and a couple of friends). We had no idea who Joe Orton was. We were just bored and infected with a Monty Python virus. One particular librarian loved it, looked forward to discovering our latest intrusions, even left a few of the less offensive ones in place.
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Love this so much.
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Needs more alleged pigfucking.

It has that! "Women wanted him. Men wanted to be him. Animals feared him."
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"...there wasn't a dry seat in the house."

trying so hard to not actually ROTFL at work.
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...even the official cover photographer bows down before it.

Chris Floyd: "This his the best thing I’ve ever seen and I shot the original cover."
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Wow. That's the kind of thing to which most of us can only aspire.
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A man for whom courage has been a noun, verb, and butter dish.

Samantha, courage the courage and courage.

(This just popped into my head.)
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This synopsis is still too long. I would like all 752 pages described as either YES or NO by people who haven't read it and wouldn't understand it anyhow.
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I get 391 pages coming up as YES and 361 as NO, so that's an overwhelming YES to him being such a hero we have to immediately embalm him and put him in a mausoleum, right?
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It might be worth remembering that the pigfucking, though entertaining at the time, came from the Ashcroft wing of the Tory party. Ashcroft spends a lot of time not unadjacent to the money and, for want of a better word, minds behind the disinformation campaigns that brought us the glory of Brexit, and the Cameron book came via Isabel Oakeshott, also part of the Leave.EU machine. Indeed, in retrospect, PigGate might have been the first shot across the bow of the ship of state from the good ship Fucking Insanity.
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