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A video of mom and her son riding an adaptive skateboard has gone viral on the interwebs this week. It's a great video with a smiling kid and devoted mom, but Lau Patron wants you to know the real story behind the video. (Single link twitter thread)
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I was reading a column about ABBA's "Dancing Queen" last week where the writer made the point that in choosing to write their songs in English, which wasn't their first language, ABBA wrote lines that no native-English speaker would think to write, such as "You came to look for a king." This was definitely a compliment to the song.

"Inclusion is not a favor" struck me the same way. I don't know how I would have tried to word that sentiment, but it wouldn't be that powerful.
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Reminds me of Jon Comer, in its way. "The simple pleasure of riding a skateboard."
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That video of João trying out his skateboard for the first time is so great. The video that went viral has a further-back view of the skateboard and frame assembly, so you can see how it's all connected and how it lets him move in different conditions (the board has a little travel when he's going up/down hill etc). What a cool project.
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"What tools are we building so that the world belongs to everyone?"

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Skate Anima Project Instagram - they have these rigs for a number of skaters and you can see more of the details of construction
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Wait, that version of the story is supposed to be less inspirational?

All I see is awesomeness. Awesomeness all around.

I recently learned from a fellow Mefite that you can request, and volunteer to make, stuff like this (though usually on a smaller scale) here.
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My daughter gets a smile like that when she rides her trike.
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That boy's face at the end of his ride? Everything.

Also nice to see skateparks everywhere are alike in having random shoes just hanging out wherever
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thanks, clawsoon! Other groups that do kinda the same as we do are Tetra, March of Dimes DesignAbility and TOM. There's also the completely amazing Magic Wheelchair, who … well, I was in the room when this happened in Florida earlier this year and it was incredible.
(nb: please ignore terrible auto-gen subtitles. Bill from ATMakers does not in fact converse in weird non-sequiturs.)
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Years ago I spotted one of the greatest costumes EVER at an Oz Fest Parade in Chittenango, NY. Coming down the street was Dorothy’s house as it landed in Oz—complete with bestockinged legs and ruby slippers sticking out from beneath. Except that the legs belonged to the kid inside, and the whole thing was mounted on her wheelchair. Absolutely brilliant, and the crowd went wild. Seeing those magic wheelchair creations reminded me of the huge smile on that little girl’s face behind the front door of the house as she paraded triumphantly along surrounded by cheering crowds.
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This is so brilliant!
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