Cobble something together for dinner this Halloween
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Martha Stewart's eye-popping soup is but an amuse bouche for another Halloween-themed dish: feetloaf. Are feetloaves wholesome? Even the Hallmark Channel has a recipe.

While they resemble conventional meatloaves in many respects, a few extra flourishes (WaPo) involving onions are needed to really nail it:

Rounds of white onion at the "ankle" mimic the cross section of bone that would be revealed after the ruddy, necrotic-looking appendage had been chopped from a human body. But the extra-shuddery sensation you might have felt probably came from the concoction’s piece de resistance: rounded slivers of onion perfectly formed into ghostly, grisly toenails that no manicurist in their right mind would touch.

If onions are an Achilles heel, celery ribs can be used for the bones and nails.

While they're getting an annual stampede of attention, feetloaves are nothing new - they've been kicking around for while now.

Still have cold feet? Try out one with Carolina Reaper hot sauce.
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ok I just sent the feetloaf recipe to my husband as a request for dinner next week...I'll report back if said loaf gets made.
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shouldn't it be footloaf and feetloaves???
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I am extremely tempted to make this for a potluck this weekend that is not Halloween-themed.
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shouldn't it be footloaf and feetloaves???

Loaves feet, surely.
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...something something toe jam
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OMG, the very word "feetloaf" is making me laugh like nothing else today. I needed that.

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absolutely not.
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Kick off your Sunday shoes!
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And for dessert
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Feetloaf is the plural of footloaf. It's like attorneys general.

Honestly I don't even know what you were all taught in school.
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While I adore the concept and hugely appreciate the suggestion for an onion alternative (hi, onion-allergy-family-havers), that video was shot from SO CLOSE and with such a shallow depth of field that I felt like it was gently touching my face as I watched it.

Which really added to ickyness factor, actually, so on second thought I'd call it a success.
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Ooooo! My DH loves meatloaf and despises feet. I know what I'm making!!
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....If anyone is seeking a less....aesthetically challenging option:

The Irish dish colcannon is traditionally considered a Halloween offering. There are umpty-squillion recipes for it, but it's basically mashed potatoes with some chopped cooked kale, butter and milk stirred in. Many recipes also add some chopped bacon, and then top the dish with shredded cheese and melt it under a broiler. Barm Brack is another Irish Halloween thing - it's a quick bread with a crapton of dried chopped fruit stirred in (many recipes call for you to soak the fruit in a cup of tea beforehand).
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Puns by the foot!
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Yup had to go there.
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I've made Chef John's Zombie Meatloaf to great success. Might have to try the footloaf this year
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