Cats, endlessly entertaining amirite
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We've seen lots of Cats vs. Boxes, but not so much Cats vs. Flopping Fish Toy or Cats vs. Invisible Wall. No wonder Lulu has so much grooming to do.

Seasonal Bonus: A Catmare On Elm Street
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h/t Miss Cellania
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 3:49 PM on October 25, 2019

I see fish shaped catnip toys online but where does one buy a flopping fish version? It looks cool.
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Not Meowloween?
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Yeah, I think my cat would really dig that too
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I think my cat REALLY NEEDS one of those flopping fish toys!
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I like that the first link is a human basically just setting up a Festival of Boxes for her cats, for the heck of it.

Also, about halfway through the flopping fish video, I actually LOLed when one of the cats decides to stop biting/clawing the fish, and instead is inspired to do their own flopping next to it on the floor.

To sum up, zany cat hijinks are welcome after a long week of work.
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Why does the flopping fish toy keep making the cats sprawl on their sides?
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Based on the cat vs boxes video I’m rethinking my decision that two cats is the right number of cats.

I have some large boxes I keep around for my cats and I cut some holes in the sides and put left the crinkly packing paper in it and they Love It so much. That and the DHL box.
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I want more videos of this lady’s 87 cats. 4 is not enough.
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I just want to know how that carpet and couch are so clean with two cats in the house. There's a reason we have oriental rugs; they hide a lot.
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This morning, I let my cat park on my laptop for a while. After he got up and left, it started acting wierd, so I decided to restart it. Except it wouldn't start. Four hours later, I have learned two things: 1. Those repair programs take a long time to finish, and they will look like they aren't doing anything even after they say they're done. You have to just let that blank screen sit until it moves on to the next thing. 2. Don't let the cat walk on the keyboard.
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I want more videos of this lady’s 87 cats. 4 is not enough.

Kittisaurus seems to be an offshoot channel for the channel Cream Heroes (I'm a longtime unabashed fan of DD, the big toasted marshmallow fluff). There's plenty of videos of Claire (as she goes by for her English audience) and her kitties there.

For example, for a long time she did a "cooking for my kitties" series where she'd (a lot of times hilariously fail) at making cat versions of dishes for her cats as well as other craft project of things to do with her cats (she's stated she graduated from engineering school), as well as just idle daily kitty life/care stuff. Fun thing is she also has voices/characters for each of her cats when she talks to them that might sound saccharine and cringey, but she does a really good job of not overdoing it and has a sense of what's funny. She has English subtitles for her videos (you might have to wait a bit for the newer ones, and I don't know if the really old videos do).
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Don't let the cat walk on the keyboard.

This is what PawSense was written for.

(Out of curiosity, I had searched MetaFilter to see if there had ever been a PawSense FPP, and there was, 19 years ago. Because the past is a different place, 100% of the comments were about looking at porn on workplace computers, but that's not that remarkable because of 1. How the FPP was framed, and 2. There only being a single comment.)
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I need that fish.

And those white cats are the spitting image of my Ivory.
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I need more cats. Six seems like a good number. Maybe seven.
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1) i also want the flopping fish toy!
2) was anyone else in awe of how clean the flopping fish toy room was?!?!?
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New post: Cats vs. Bottle Maze
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