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The composer Anna Meredith MBE has released Fibs, the second album of music written for her touring band, a follow-up to 2016's Varmints.

In addition, she's released Anno, Songs for the M8, the EPs Jet Black Raider and Black Prince Fury and wrote the soundtrack to the film Eighth Grade

From Fibs
Inhale Exhale

From Varmints
The Vapours
Something Helpful
Honeyed Words
A short snippet from the performance of Varmints with orchestra, including a glimpse of the band's glittery stage-gear (Anna has a cape, even!)


Five Telegrams (for the BBC Proms, 2018)
Four Tributes to 4am
bluedot festival, 2017
NPR Music Tiny Desk concert
Nautilus (Iceland Airwaves live performance)
Nautilus (Paste Studios live performance)
R-Type (Paste Studios live performance)
HandsFree (with the National Youth Orchestra)
Concerto for Beatboxer and Orchestra

(Annoyingly I can't find any audience videos of the excellent unexpected encores she's done, which have included 500 Miles and Enter Sandman.)
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A Roger Daltrey cape?
posted by thelonius at 5:40 AM on October 26, 2019

More of a Rick Wakeman cape.
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This album is so stupidly good. Anna Meredith hits about three sweet spots for me at once—she's everything I ever wanted progressive dance music to be.
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Here's an audience video of another excellent unexpected encore: Erasure's A Little Respect - I got to hear this song and 500 Miles in person!
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The soundtrack for Eighth Grade is flippin amazing , thanks for posting this!
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Anna Meredith blows my mind and I have been loving the new video for Paramour

Excited to listen to the whole album!
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Agreed about the Eight Grade soundtrack; I thought it really enhanced the movie. I've been watching "Living with Yourself" on Netflix and was pleased to find out the excellent soundtrack to that is at least partly due to her. As well as Phillip Glass I think, so thumbs up all round!
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I became aware of Anna Meredith because Stuart Maconie played Nautilus on Freak Zone, which... got my attention. That there's a fabulous female composer who's completely at ease with the current scene, is having a lot of fun with it, and is seemingly careless about genre is a matter of very great happiness chez Devonian. Fibs is fantastic, as is the evidence that she's making a good career out of fine left-field music.

Eagerly awaiting more.
posted by Devonian at 5:13 PM on October 28, 2019

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