Flight Upgrades of the Conchords
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Seattle radio-show-turned-podcast Too Beautiful to Live recently celebrated reaching its 3000th episode with a nationwide tour, ending up in Brooklyn where they talk to special guest John Hodgman (audio). They discuss Hodgman's new book Medallian Status, about his journey to the dizzying heights of an airline rewards program, his appearance on an episode of the Flight of the Conchords television series, and something even more dreadful than modern air travel.
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I almost feel like it'd be easier to list the podcasts Hodgman hasn't been on in the past week or so of this book tour.
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That's MetaFilter's Own John Hodgman.

I'd be remiss to not engage in a bit of pedantry: it's Medallion Status, not Medallian. I look forward to receiving my Pedant Points, which I'm hoping will be enough to bump me up from Silver Pedant to Gold Pedant so I can hang out in the Pedant Lounge.
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No mountain too tall...
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*coughs* I believe it's "p├ędant longue."
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