Thanks For The Dance -- New Leonard Cohen record to release 11/22/2019
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Spin The Guardian CBC Wikipedia Rolling Stone links the first two singles "The Goal" "Happens To The Heart" A collection of previously unheard Leonard Cohen material will be released as Thanks for the Dance, an album described by representatives for the late songwriter as “an unexpected harvest of new songs” and “a continuation of the master’s work”.

Cohen had asked his son, Adam, to complete the sketches left over from their prior collaboration on You Want It Darker, released in October 2016. Cohen died a month later, aged 82. Seven months after his father’s death, Cohen Jr began working on the material alone in a garage near his father’s old house, later inviting other contributors to be part of the process.
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Given the participation of his son and the quality of the collaborators, this sounds really promising. Some of the best Cohen work I've heard - The "I'm Your Fan" album, the January 2005 tribute show at the Sydney Opera House - didn't even have the great man on board. Just his songs and some great guest singers and musicians.

(and while Cohen was brilliant and vital as a performer up to the end, he had a real predilection for cheesy flourishes - ie. rinky-dink keyboards and appearances from Sax Players in Hats)
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--- didn't even have the great man on board. Just his songs and some great guest singers and musicians.
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Yeah, see Jennifer Warnes record "Famous Blue Raincoat" -- all Cohen covers, all done really well. Check out SRV playing on "First We Take Manhattan" -- really something. It's a favorite record of mine.
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You Want It Darker was so freaking good... up there with Warren Zevon's The Wind and Johnny Cash's American Recordings IV as one of the finest artist-performs-their-own-eulogy records ever.

Looking forward to checking this out, too.
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Wow - "The Goal" and "Happens to the Heart" are some pretty amazing songs to throw out there by way of trailers to an unexpected epilogue.
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DirtyOldTown, I think Bowie really deserves a spot on that list too!
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