Revolutionary art to propel history forward.
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“ The artwork will involve hundreds of reenactors in period specific clothing marching for two days covering 26 miles. The reenactment, the culmination of a period of organizing and preparation, will take place upriver from New Orleans in the locations where the 1811 revolt occurred—the exurban communities and industry that have replaced the sugar plantations will be its backdrop. The reenactment will be an impressive and startling sight—hundreads of Black re-enactors, many on horses, flags flying, in 19th-century French colonial garments, singing in Creole and English to African drumming.“ On November 8-9, 2019, hundreds of re-enactors will retrace the path of the largest slave rebellion in United States history, embodying a story of resistance, freedom and revolutionary action.
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Now this is the kind of reenactment you want to see.
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This sounds awesome, I'd love to witness this in person.
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Wow I would love to see this!!
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Me too. This sounds excellent.
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I went to high school with the artist who is organizing this. He's been talking about it for at least a few years.
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Wow, this sounds amazing and like it should be filmed for like PBS.
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Oh wow - yeah this is a great idea, and I'm sure is taking a ton of planning and care; and alongside the thing itself is the negative space, the reminder that we don't see more of this kind of re-enactment and of just why that is. Wow, wow.
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I especially like the community sewing circles (via FB events). Two Indigenous scholars at the conference I went to this weekend talked about collective beadwork as a creative, communal and political practice. Making together, learning together.
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Back in 2001, artist Jeremy Deller (of Acid Brass fame, previously) created a historical re-enactment of The Battle of Orgreave, the prime example of police brutality during the miners' strikes of 1984-5. It began with a face-off in a field and ended in a cavalry pursuit through the streets of the village. Afterwards, dozens of miners were prosecuted in what was described as "the biggest frame-up ever".

Many of the original strikers participated in the re-enactment. Mike Figgis made a documentary [full length, Youtube] about the project / art piece, including lots of interviews with those who witnessed the actual "Battle".
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Oh hell yes. [popcorn.gif]
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Twitter thread of a journalist who followed the re-enactment, with lots of photo and video (including when they met up in the French Quater)
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