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“This was basically where the paradigm that we see now on the internet with linked documents and things like that was first developed,” Duvall says. “We always envisioned that we would have a series of interconnected workstations and interconnected people. We called them knowledge centers in those days, because we were academically oriented.” Within a few weeks of Kline and Duvall’s first successful communication, the ARPA network extended to computers at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. And ARPANET grew from there, through the ’70s and much of the 1980s, connecting more and more government and academic computers. And later the concepts developed in ARPANET would be applied to the internet we know today. 50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420 [FastCompany] posted by chavenet (6 comments total) 18 users marked this as a favorite
After attending the Computers in Libraries conference there for a number years, I was surprised to learn that ARPANET made its public debut at DC's Washington Hilton in October 1972.
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You can see Kleinrock giving an upbeat introduction to this at the beginning of Werner Herzog's doc "Lo!"
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It still gives me a kick to realize the internet is just about as old as I am.
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This was a great read. Thanks, chavenet and happy birthday, internet!
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