Scary Stories to Read in the Office
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A woman rents a cabin to finish out her book in Sarah Pinsker's A Blur in the Corner of Your Eye. A folklorist investigates ghost stories in Naomi Kritzer's The Thing About Ghost Stories. There is something that is not a dog in Kathleen Kayembe's You Will Always Have a Family: A Triptych.

Naomi Kritzer, previously, (2), (3)
Sarah Pinsker, previously, (2)
Kathleen Kayembe hasn't made it onto Metafilter before, but I was waffling between posting this and The Faerie Tree, so you should read that too.
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That triptych was incredible. Thank you!
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I really enjoyed the Kritzer piece. It's a cozy ghost story!
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Also, if you want spooky comics (to read at your desk), I always recommend Emily Carroll.

For those wondering about the level of spookiness in the first three stories, it goes "The Thing About Ghost Stories" as the least spooky, then "A Blur in the Corner of Your Eye", then "You Will Always Have A Family". Emily Carroll's stuff is more creepy than any of these, "The Faerie Tree" is slightly less scary than "You Will Always Have A Family".
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Also, less polished, but the Jezebel scary story collection is a yearly thing, and often has quite good submissions (and some not quite good submissions): this year's, last year's, 2017's. Each article also has related links with bonus collections, as well as other previous years' (going back to 2015, I believe).
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Naomi Kritzer is just the best. I am not even a Short Story person, but hers rock.
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These (and links beyond from these) have been keeping me excellently entertained for several days. Thank youuu!
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