The Search For The Ultimate Video Game Play
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Jon Bois and Kofie Yeboah invite us back to the Fumble Dimension, where they, along with other compatriots, abuse NFL Head Coach 09 to see who can create the greatest offensive play in part 1 of a two part episode. (SLYT)

The Fumble Dimension previously on the Blue.
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Can I just say that I love, after all the analysis of football plays that Kofie goes through, Jon's answer is to create a play that he hopes will take advantage of the programming gaps in Madden and make the AI lose its cookies?
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Look, he didn't do two seasons of Breaking Madden, plus the run of NBA Y2K, not to learn what makes computer sports games go completely insane.
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Two runs of NBA Y2K, remember.
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I still reference "All is lost." far too often in my life.
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