Ivar's and the Serial Killer
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We were having lunch because I wanted information about Ivar Haglund, the kooky restaurateur behind the seafood empire that bears his name....Ivar's life was once closely intertwined with Linda "the Starvation Doctor" Hazzard, who killed at least 18 people in the Seattle area a century ago. Hazzard's first known kill in Washington was Daisy Haglund, Ivar's mother. By Lester Black for The Stranger
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Have lived here for 30 years, never heard of any of this.
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Ohh, just heard of Linda Hazzard on an episode of My Favorite Murder. Going to read it now.
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Edwardian Goop ugh
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this is such a weird story
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My family has been in Seattle for a verrrrrry long time, and I'm a local history geek (though it's not local to me any more since I live in Georgia now), and I had never heard of Hazzard, either. I remember Ivar very well, though! I had no idea.
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I live in shouting distance of Seattle but only know about Hazzard from... some podcast? I've never heard it in a local context, as far as I remember.
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Wow. Just wow. I had never heard of Hazzard, either. This article is going to a friend who's a bit of a freak about serial killers. Thanks, bq!
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There is a book about it. Starvation Heights
It was a pretty good read.
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Oh gosh, slight derail, I knew Paul Dorpat, really great to hear he's going strong. He was more of a crazy countercultural artist (the phrase "maimonides pig stickers", oh m g how is that stuck in the brain) and stories of hot tubbing with a certain famous author up in La Conner. Really nice guy, very funny!

(and from an expat(ish) Ivars Salmon House is one of the few restaurants anywhere hat do salmon right)
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One of the last meals I had in Seattle before moving away was at the Salmon House. It was tasty. PNW food... just isn't found much in GA. (I might commit crimes for Seattle-style teriyaki!)
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Wow, news to me too. I was just telling a musician friend about Ivar the other week.
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