Ingesting that Charged Sigil
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Witch (Craft) Beer — How a New Wave of Brewers are Incorporating Magic into Beer - Beth Demmon at Good Beer Hunting
“People are just craving connection,” says Moses. “[But] I had a lot of trouble getting people into their own ritual.” Her clients’ desires to add spiritual healing to their schedules were complicated by today’s fast-paced world. She wondered: “How do I get these plants into their rituals if their ritual is to have a beer with their partner when they get home from work?”

Good Beer Hunting previously, on social diversification in craft beer
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As a homebrewer myself, every brew day tends to have a fair bit of chaos. I don' t know how much of that is magic, though I will claim that to be the case moving forward.
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I've had a few of Marguax's beers - they're interesting. (So are the beers of her partner brewery - brewery draconum - in Newhall)
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Man, now I wish I liked beer.
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It's never too late! :)

The good news is that many beers influenced by the Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers book and other practices will tend to not fall into the uber-hop bomb range that many craft producers are making because of their primary audience.
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I don't really have opinions about beer or witchcraft, but I am growing suspicious of the whole thing of invoking "today's fast-paced world". Any one example may be a harmless verbal fillip, but as a pattern it seems a way of drumming in: This phase of capitalism is a given. Consumerism is a given. Set these out of view around us. Occupy yourself by shifting within the space available. Truncate your ideals into the time available, in this fast-paced world.
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