dingo delivery
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Eagle drops rare dingo into Australian back yard. (cute fluffy dingo puppy pics included)

The unexpected pup was found in a back yard, with eagle scratch marks on its back. They thought that Wandi might be a fox or a domestic dog, but it turns out he's pure Alpine Dingo, and could be very handy in the captive breeding program preserving the endangered Dingo blood lines.

And we thought eagles just racked up phone bills and flew Gandalf around.
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I love the photo caption - "Wandi was professionally appraised as "adorable" and "seriously cute" by the vet"
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Here's a pic of some tuckered dingo puppers that I took last time I went to Melbourne.

It was kind of novel for me because this was the inland dingo. When I lived up in the Pilbara we only had the rainforest dingo.
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Thet eagle stole my dingo baby!
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Adorable indeed.
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Thet eagle stole my dingo baby!

Yeah, a two month old baby being eaten by wild animals is hilarious.
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It's not delivery, It's dingiorno
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Awww! I just finished reading the news and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the relentless negativity, so this was just what I needed. Thank you for posting, freethefeet!
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As God is my witness, I thought dingos could fly.
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I guess the eagle and the stork had a deal.
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More about Dingo conservation efforts or the lack thereof, in the neighboring state of New South Wales:

The dingo is subject to this terrible dilemma,” says Professor Letnic. “Like the kangaroo, they can be pests – but that doesn't mean we should wipe them out.

“With the kangaroo, there is a balance between how we control and try to conserve them. We’re worried that with the dingo there’s not a great deal of balance – the emphasis is largely on exterminating them.”

And yes, dingoes can be a threat to babies and toddlers especially in touristy camping areas where ignorant overseas visitors try to hand feed them. (NB. Please don't do this.) Most Australians of a certain age (especially Mefites, perhaps?) will tend to not find jokes about the subject particularly funny, FYI.

As a student I lived in a shared house with someone who had a pet dingo, despite their awareness of the ethical and practical issues. I don't remember how it came about and he was an older dog by the time I met him. We were under strict instructions to be very careful about admitting his identity, lest he be removed and probably destroyed...even to the vet and so on (not that they were fooled for a minute). The animal was a cranky genius, with a history of legendary pranks involving riding on garbage trucks and stealing strings of sausages. Strictly a one-man dog although he and I got along just fine.
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