Blood From A Stone
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“ Financialisation, Blakeley convincingly argues, is the unique way in which capital responded to the crisis of the 1970’s, and the order on which its power has been built ever since. By increasing the “role of financial motives, financial markets, financial actors and financial institutions,” capital reengineered the economic system to run on a bubble of debt.” Socialism or barbarism: a review of 'Stolen' by Grace Blakeley (Open Democracy) “ The economic malaise we have experienced since the crash – characterised by stagnant wages, falling investment, the growth of international monopolies, rising consumer debt and huge increases in inequality – simply represents a deepening of trends visible before it.” Class politics is reemerging in response to the huge inequality caused by the 2008 crash, Grace Blakeley (Guardian) The next crash: why the world is unprepared for the economic dangers ahead (New Statesmen) Trashfuture Podcast interview with Grace Blakeley. (1:03:00)
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“ But more of this property wealth comes from speculation than development. Over the last forty years, as property prices have boomed, the wealthy have simply bought up the nation’s housing stock and waited for prices to rise. The returns they have generated are not productive – rising house prices do not create jobs or expand the economy’s potential. ” Grace Blakeley on Why Are There Billionaires?
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The opening of that podcast is very NSFW and the humor may not be to some mefites' taste generally.
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Grace Blakey with Paul Mason: What Replaces Capitalism?

And a short bit - What is the Preston Model?
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Grace Blakeley discusses Brexit on Chapo Trap House Ep. 365 (11/7/19)
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