The Wrong Goodbye
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This is a pretty severe case of mistaken identity. But it happens more often then you’d think. Pro Publica writes about Freddy Williams and Raheme Perry.
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Oh that's awful.
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Gives me shivers. What a shame.
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When my boyfriend's aunt was hit by a car, the coroner insisted on having the hospital keep her dead body hooked up to life support for days while they confirmed that she was *really* my boyfriend's aunt before they would let the hospital honor her sister's wishes to donate her organs. I continue to think that was an absurd waste of money and excessively stressful for her family, but at least I can sort of understand now why they did it...
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Granted, there was some resemblance between the two men, albeit obscured by hospital equipment, but I like to think that my sister would check my leg for the birthmark, or check my big toe to be sure it matched hers. A rudimentary fingerprint would have matched police records in either case.

HIPPAA may protect us a little from scummy insurance providers, but it really doesn't protect anyone who is in no condition to advocate for themselves. These were the disastrous consequences.
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