RIP Grandpa of ‘Grandpa Kitchen’, 73
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While the world was busy lighting diyas and relishing sweets on October 27, the internet’s favourite chef Narayana Reddy, aka Grandpa of ‘Grandpa Kitchen’, took his last breath on Diwali. The 73-year-old grandpa shot to fame because of his unique and interactive style of cooking and noble idea behind running the YouTube channel that he started in 2017 and within two years managed to have over 6 million subscribers in India and abroad. He used to cook meals for orphans and helped fill the hungry stomachs of children who didn’t have money to eat food.
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I've only stumbled across a couple of his videos before, but I've enjoyed each one and knew exactly who this post was about. Always so bright and abundant! It's wonderful to know that he helped feed people in need with the channel.

Does anybody have any favorite videos to suggest that I watch in his honor?
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Very sad to see him go and I hope someone steps up to help feed the hungry. I was always impressed by the amount of food he cooked and the kinds of food he managed to cook without a massive team and full industrial kitchen. His channel was the Best of the Web.
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Wow. I had a bit of an emotional crisis yesterday revolving around the underfed children of the world, and the way our country in particular is treating some of the most vulnerable. I’m so sad that the first time I experienced this delightful channel was due to this man’s passing. But I feel so much less hopeless. Thank you, sir, for saying you were my Grandpa! I’m hereby swapping you in to my family tree, and I’m going to find some little ones to help this week in your honor. And do my best to be joyful. ‘Cause My Grandpa would be happy about that.
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Whoa. My wife’s family are Reddy’s from rural Telangana. Yeah, that narrows it down to like 10 million people, but these videos remind me of every festival, every wedding, where someone rolls up with a giant cast iron pot and lights a fire to feed an army. That’s kind of the most astounding thing about Grandpa Kitchen — not that the food is amazingly delicious, my personal experience tells me it probably is — but that it’s being cooked for hundreds of people with Bronze Age technology. I have so many photos and videos of cooks, thinking I’d replicate this at home. “Ok, so after you throw in about 50 chopped chicken carcasses it looks like you toss in about 8 buckets of yogurt — that’s probably whole fat yak yogurt from the farm this morning, not sure how I’ll substitute that” all the while the crew is smiling and inviting me to stir the pot and I’m a giant dork.

I’m glad Grandpa Kitchen was able to find a platform and a following. The world is getting too small and stuff like this is disappearing.

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