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Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas’ language

Scholars say it is the first time in the university’s 468-year history that a student has written and defended a thesis (answering questions from examiners) entirely in the native language – even though it is the most widely spoken indigenous tongue in South America, used by about 8 million people, half of them in Peru.

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The Runa Simi Wikipedia.
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This is great. Thanks!

I'm also looking forward to the day when people also defend dissertations in subjects that don't specifically involve indigenous languages in indigenous languages. (Not that theses that involve indigenous languages aren't even more important and well worth celebrating. Just that that seems like the next natural milestone.)
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Beginning her presentation with a traditional thanksgiving ceremony using coca leaves and the corn-made alcoholic drink chicha, she presented her study titled Yawar Para, or blood rain.

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I saw other articles on her a few days ago. I sent them to a Peruvian friend who grew up speaking both Quechua and Spanish. He was recruited to provide the Kechua/Quechua greeting on the Voyager Golden Record.
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¡Allin willay! Tawa pachak watakuna, dimas unanmi. Kay warmiqa yanapanmi ayllupaqwan simapaqwan. Ñawpaq kan, manam wamaq kanqachu.
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