"But these look like the real courtroom colors"
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The Women Who Sketch Justice at Work [WNYC News] Article about "three courtroom artists with long careers in New York City: Williams, Jane Rosenberg and Aggie Whelan Kenny [...] all women with decades of experience — whose work is used by TV stations, websites and newspapers because cameras aren’t allowed in federal courts."
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How fascinating! Love how one of the artists carries her supplies in a box held together with rubber bands and gaffer's tape.
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Finally, an old time journalism profession that the internet isn't destroying.
It makes me think of simultaneous translators. Really hard to do.
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In Australia they are used all the time as we don't have cameras during trials. As a little kid I'd see them on the news and the cartoon style just made the concept of Court so much more mysterious. Here's and article about an Australian artist (also female).
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This was a great article. So neat to see the artists with their work.
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This is standard in Canada, I'm amazed that you only have three of them!
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